About Community Options Groups


Our vision is to enable the universe to achieve its divine purpose by helping create the best of all possible worlds, beginning with ourselves, our families and our own community.


We have a two-fold mission:

First, to establish a community-wide system of small triple-linked circles of local taxpayer-voters devoted to exploring and sharing the truth concerning the magnitude, mechanics and power of our fraudulent debt-money system -- and to explore positive, constructive measures capable of returning our communities and our nation to environmentally-responsible and sustainable affluence by strengthening local and bio-regional economies.

Second, to stimulate self-empowerment in our community by a) providing a means of democratic expression, not just at election time but year-round -- and b) by replacing our adversarial and dysfunctional party political systems with genuine participatory democracy.


To secure the passing of two supportive Resolutions by our local City Council calling for full discussion of the following issues at the 2012 Annual Conventions of the UBCM: and the FCM:

The first: A proposal for sound Constitutional Money to be created interest-free or at very low interest by the publicly-owned and re-structured Bank of Canada for distribution to municipalities as 20-year loans, via provincial treasuries. Such funds would be calculated on the basis of $1,000 per resident and their use limited to the purchase of capital assets and/or for the paying down of the individual municipality’s current interest-laden debenture debt. To eliminate any risk of inflation, government borrowing from private sources would be reduced by a similar amount.

The second: A proposal to promote the introduction of a 0.1% (one-tenth of one percent) ‘No-exception’ Financial Transaction Tax (NFTT), primarily targeted at Canada’s share of the multi-quadrillion dollar, largely speculative, market in investment instruments processed annually via our financial system. Its dual purpose would be to revitalise our nation by funding public assets and social programs interest- or virtually interest-free at federal, provincial and municipal levels and to progressively eliminate all other forms of taxation.