Blueprint for a New World Age

Harmonic Governance - Introduction

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INTRODUCTION - A Blueprint for social change

A fatal flaw in our debt-money system has evolved into a top-down pyramid of financial power that has manifested in global debt at every level, poverty amidst plenty, social stress, manipulated bureaucracies, total media control, corruption of the political and judicial processes, globalised corporate monopolies, the financing of genetic and social engineering, environmental destruction in pursuit of profit, constant wars, the increasing curtailment of personal freedom and, ultimately, the power to dominate global agendas.

COGs seek solutions, not scapegoats but we will not be lured off-track by the false trails laid by a controlled media that would have us blame our global ills on everything from ‘corporations’ to malignant extra-terrestrials. If you haven’t traced our planet’s material problems back to Money, you haven’t yet joined up all the dots.

The flaw referred to in our opening paragraph has allowed a relatively few international financiers to ‘achieve the impossible’; to place every nation in the world in debt at the same time – and then use their media networks to convince the public that everything is OK because we ‘owe it all to ourselves’. If that were truly the case we would be rich indeed from all the interest charges on more than $3 quadrillion.

As nation after nation crumbles under the sheer weight of their unnecessary debt-loads, Big Money gets ‘bailed out’ with trillions of taxpayers’ dollars, international banks like Goldman, Sachs makes billions and the key players walk off with bonuses and dividends worth millions. The answer for the ‘99%’ is crippling austerity programs, higher taxes, cut-backs in education and medical care and government fire-sales of our hard-earned public assets, gold reserves and natural resources. We are told that the only solution is to ‘borrow ourselves out of debt’!

Billion-dollar Economic Summits have produced no workable alternatives because economic “experts”, senior politicians and bureaucrats fear to step ‘outside the box’. Such people are well-rewarded by the current system and, quite understandably, see no benefit in changing the status quo. We would be foolhardy to believe that corrective action is going to happen from the top down. In fact, events around the world have shown that it is not our elected representatives that control our nations’ political and economic affairs but a highly centralised and self-regulated banking system. The political process is now a total farce, as any telecast of parliamentary proceedings or pre-election circuses will confirm. We are, in fact, controlled by what has developed into a fraudulent pyramidal Ponzi scheme involving quadrillions of dollars, the manipulators of which now consider themselves above the law.

Fortunately, the flaw is one that can be easily repaired, as we demonstrate elsewhere on this site, but to achieve this in a peaceful and constructive manner we must first change our current political, bureaucratic and corporate models and recognise them for what they are; archaic and dysfunctional. It’s time to replace them… and that, too, is not as difficult as it may first appear.

‘A problem cannot be solved from the level of the problem’, but as the old systems implode under their own weight, human consciousness is changing. The seeds of a new beginning are already sprouting. A new awareness is unfolding in the affairs of Humankind.

As we look back on the old millennium and the first decade of the new, we can see the devastating effect of dispersed and divided families, the frantic stresses of urbanised life, the perverted, coarse immorality of our ‘entertainment’ industry and our increasing separation from the healing forces of nature in its incredible diversity. We can also see how millions of people world-wide are beginning to wake up together and seek a new paradigm. We are being called out of isolation to become part of fully-functioning families, businesses and communities. Pyramids of power are giving way to circles of hope.

COGs (Community Options Groups) are just one of many dedicated to ‘Thinking globally – Acting locally’ and creating Circle Organisations as a means of self-empowerment for the 99%. This website is dedicated to that end.

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