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The History of Circle Organisation

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SOCIOCRACY - Lester Frank Ward

The word Sociocracy is derived from the Latin and Greek words socius (companion) and kratein (to govern) and was used by the U.S. sociologist Lester Frank Ward in a paper he wrote for the Penn Monthly in 1881.

Sociocracy means rule by the "socios," people who have a social relationship with each other - as opposed to democracy: rule by the "demos," the general mass of people.

Ward later expanded on the concept in his book Dynamic Sociology (1883) although rarely studied today, was very influential in his time and he developed a world-wide reputation as a ground-breaking sociologist. He believed that a highly educated public was essential if a country was to be governed effectively, and he foresaw a time when the emotional and partisan nature of politics would yield to a much more effective, dispassionate and scientifically-based discussion of issues and problems. Democracy would thus, he believed, eventually evolve into a more advanced form of government, Sociocracy.

One hundred and thirty years later his pronouncement seems prophetic as, aided by modern communication technologies, his ideas begin taking root among the disenfranchised and despairing masses around the globe. Faced by poverty while inhabiting a bountiful planet and disenchanted by the false promises of both capitalism and communism, people are seeking genuine de-centralisation, recovery of personal freedoms and the humanising of our social order.

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