Blueprint for a New World Age

Vision, Mission and Aims

Vision – describes a desirable future. For organizations, it provides guiding principles and helps members of an organization identify with them.

Mission – describes how the vision will be realized. It describes what the organization offers to its relevant environment. It is a statement of your identity in the environment.

For organizations, a mission statement helps members show commitment to the organization.

Aim(s) – describes how the mission will be accomplished. It describes a desired result in an exchange with its relevant environment. A clear aim provides a firm foundation for leadership and decision-making.

For organizations, an aim states the members' common interest(s) and helps them align their activities with each other. An aim:

  • States the concrete product or service being exchanged

  • Indicates what distinguishes the product or service from other products or services

  • Is stated in a way that the customer (exchange partner) can easily understand.

A common aim is the circles’ reason for existence. Circles should set their aims by consent and review them every year or so to be sure they are leading to the desired results.

A well-formulated aim meets the following criteria:

The desired result is clearly stated. The specific quality which distinguishes it from other aims is included. The customer (people who have a need) must be able to recognize and understand the formulation. In other words, the aim must be clear through the eyes of the average person.

Well formulated aims:

  • Are the bases for measurement of the production process and for assessing consent arguments.

  • Reduce interpersonal conflict.

  • Make it easier to lead effectively.


  • Don't make aims too broad so that they have everything or nothing in them.

  • Aims should not express contrasts or conflict relationships such as social versus economic, labor versus capital, and so forth.

  • Don't divide aims, but distinguish. Aims are never isolated. Each is related to the next step or the next level of abstraction.

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